Making mistakes with search engine optimization can hurt more than just your ranking, it can also get your site banned. Given below are a few SEO mistakes that you should be aware of.

Many new SEO marketers make the mistake of ignoring the on page optimization of their site. SEO is not only about building links but it’s also about having various elements in place so that you are able to rank better than others. For instance, if you don’t have high quality content with the right keywords, then it would become impossible to really get ranked for persons keywords. You have to take into consideration the title tag, the bearing tags, the keyword density, etc. There are many different factors that shape the on page SEO of your site. The point is, search engine optimization can only be effective when you have the right balance between your on page and off page factors. If you make excellent content with the right keywords, but fail to get backlinks to the page, it won’t be enough. So it’s vital to look at it both the ways and to know the science in the rear SEO. Last but not least, keep in mind that successful optimization is a result of constant testing and tweaking. So if you want to see long term results, then you should aim at constantly testing new strategies, since the search engine algorithms keep changing from time to time. Stay ahead of the others by trying out new techniques, whether it’s on page or off page.

Another common mistake that should be avoided at all costs by SEO marketers is not focusing on the title and the description of your page. When search engines list your site in their results, what you basically see is the title of that page along with the small description.

This is the initially impression that your visitor will get even before hitting your website. You should try to contain the main benefits and your site’s USP into the title as well as the content. There is no reason why you should take it set alight because ultimately, you’ll have to convince people even before they visit your site. Besides that, search engines have really evolved in the past few years and have become really smart when it comes down to ranking sites. They no longer take the meta tags as vital but depend more on the title and the content of the page.

Don’t make the mistake of making backlinks to your site too quick. This might look like a smart go but in actuality it will only get you in distress. Your aim here is to make backlinks to your website in a natural way, not by doing it at a super human speed. This is one of the main reasons why sites get banned. When you build links quick, you send out a red signal to the search engines and basically tell them that you’re spamming. Not a excellent thing when you’re trying to make a lasting relationship with them. In conclusion, search engine optimization is not that hard, only if you try and avoid mistakes like the ones we discussed above.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on SOAKER TUB.

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