Search engine optimization has become a science in itself, which is why you might find yourself making mistakes when you initiation off with it. Given below are a few SEO mistakes that you should try to avoid.

A simple mistake that can be easily avoided when you’re doing SEO for your site is, lowering the use of images and increasing the content. Images do enhance a site but in the long run you’ll realize that they don’t do much for your search engine optimization efforts.

Instead of that, you should try and get more unique content that not only helps the readers but also gives the search engines a reason to rank you well. Do use images, but only where you reckon it is necessary. Don’t overload your site with unnecessary images that will slow down your site and not help the search engines much when it comes to ranking. But, if you really can’t do without images and really want to have them on your site, don’t forget to contain your main keywords in the ALT tag of your images. This is something that the search engines can read, unlike the image itself. The best way to deal with this is to try and replace most of the images with something that’s worthy to read and also has your keywords in it. Search engines like written content, which is why you should keep it in mind all the time.

Another obvious mistake that every SEO marketer should avoid is plagiarism. When you take content from somewhere else and post it on your site, claiming it to be yours, it will only affect your reputation with the search engines and bring down your rankings. Search engines like original content that adds value. They want to help their readers learn the best content, which is why you should try to keep the content as unique as possible. Besides that, there is something called the duplicate content filter, where the search engines filter out persons sites that have duplicate content. But this only applies when you have the same content on all the pages of your site. If you’ve legitimately taken an article from somewhere and given them the credit, there should be no problem. So the more straightforward you are here in your approach, the better.

The content on your website has to be search engine friendly and not having it is certainly a mistake. You need to have your targeted keywords embedded in it and at the same time make sure that the content is original and unique. Search engines like content that is updated on a regular basis. So try maintenance it fresh. In synopsis, the SEO mistakes we discussed above are just a tip of the ice berg, you’ll learn many more as you go ahead.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on film scanner.

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