Making articles can be reasonably a pain in the you-know-what!  Everybody knows that in terms of seo, and simply maintenance things useful for visitors to your own site, content rules.  For many of us, thinking about making a lot of content reminds us of school and brings back terrible memories of writing reports.  If that is you then there is a thing that will place your brain at rest.

Recently, Jon Leger revealed Instant Article Factory.  What makes it awesome is that it is possible to make use of software to key in a few terms and phrases and it generates a unique article.

Here are three points why you’ll like Instant Article Factory:

1. Write Articles Quickly

IAF lets you fill out a number of fields with details about the niche you’re writing about.  There is integrated, rotatable, “filler” content that does the remainder of the work for you.

2.  Content Creation Templates

That filler content is organized in templates, all of which automatically re-writes that filler material.  All these templates enable you to write brief 300 word articles, on up to 500 terms or higher (determined by you, obviously).  You can even make use of the “product review” template too.  This really is especially useful if you’re an connect marketer.

3.  Unique Content

Instant Article Factory also gives you the capacity to “spin” the content you input to further enhance the uniqueness of the articles you breed inside the system.   In addition, it incorporates a direct interface with The best spinner software, an additional Jon Leger product whose only purpose is article spiraling!

All in all, Instant Article Factory is just about the best article creation programs that I have witnessed.  No longer do you have to stress about getting out some excellent content for your blog or new articles for your article marketing promotions.  This is one of the few products that I provide my total sanction.

For more information, be sure to read our full Instant Article Factory review and check out our Instant Article Factory bonus.

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