Are you trying to find an simple approach to learn high search engine ranking optimization techniques that works? Look no further as I reveal the small secrets of increasing my page ranking on Google within 30 days for virtually all my web sites. When you are through with reading through this article, it will be possible to optimize your web pages with the right keywords without much hassle.

Before your site can show on Google along with other search-able list, you must know 3 optimization terms. These are:


Online users are out for specific information and that is why they come to the search engines to conduct a search. They will use keywords to locate your website. If you already own a website and you’re simply struggling to drive manual traffic to it using any of the assumed effective ways, I would suggest you learn high search engine ranking optimization techniques to be able to end your traffic worries for a lifetime. And this are only able to be achieved when you’re getting free organic traffic.

Keyword Density

High Search engine ranking Optimization also utilizes the power of keyword density. That is basically the number of times your chosen keywords grow on the body of your web pages. If you write articles online, this will play a major role in determining how high your content and site will rank on Google. Since I promised you can do it yourself, when writing your sales copy, start with the exact keyword, hook them up to your initially paragraph and also twice in your body of your contents.

External Back links

Please look closely at this one. Excellent keywords and well formatted density isn’t enough. What really matters in your ranking is your external backlinks effect. Backlinks identifies other sites that have your website link on them. As an example, for persons who have an article in print on an article directory, then you already have an external back link from it. But Google recommends that you increase your back links to around 20,000 to be able to gain high ranking on top 10.

The simplest way to increase your back links in achieving this result and start sucking avalanche of traffic is through social media which you’ll want to achieve manually or better still, using software to submit automatically. The reason being search engine likes them and if you have your link there, it gets picked up for indexing quick.

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