New Webmasters often struggle with making SEO work despite all of the information available. See below for a few tips that can help you make SEO work for you long term.

If you want to get a better search engine rank with your SEO efforts, you have to pay attention to various details. But building relevant backlinks will always remain the determining factor that you shouldn’t ignore. If you want your SEO efforts to be rewarded, you have to look for good, relevant backlinks, as these are the kind that will help your ranking.

One SEO tip that will go a long way for you would be to submit your link to the web directories, since the search engines tend to count them as quality links. If you want your site to be seen in a favorable light by the search engines, try to acquire links from DMOZ and Yahoo! which are the most sought after web directories. The most popular directories, however, won’t list your site until they decide that it is qualified. They want to be sure to exclude low quality links. You can still get targeted listings in some smaller directories that are not as exclusive while you wait for the bigger ones to list you.

One point to remember when you are creating backlinks for SEO purposes is to not focus only on your homepage, but on other pages as well. Creating backlinks is an ongoing process, so when you split your efforts into acquiring these links for your other pages, you’ll be able to get your site ranked in a better way. For instance, if your site is about “dog training”, then there might be pages that target different keywords such as “dog training techniques”, “dog training mistakes”, “dog training tips”, etc. The more pages you can get backlinks for, the more keywords you have a chance to rank with. When you work on this, make sure that you use anchor text with your keyword for your backlinks. Your site is then providing the search engines with more valuable content by including more pages. Don’t make the mistake that some webmasters make and only think about your homepage.

Many people who aren’t well versed in SEO don’t know about the robots.txt file and why it’s important.

The purpose of this file is to tell the search engines which pages of the site should be ignored and which included in the index. Some of your pages, for example, might have duplicate content that would harm your site’s ranking, so it would be better not to have it indexed. The purpose of robots.txt is to keep some of your pages from being indexed, but you want to be sure that the search engine spiders can read your site easily, so include a site map as well.

All in all, the art of search engine optimization can only be learned and perfected with time. Commit to the process of SEO and you will get your desired results. Before long, you’ll know it’s not as difficult as it sounds at first.

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