www.guideverygood.com How to Use Google AdWords for SEO Research Not anything is more vital to search engine optimization (SEO) efforts than choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases. One of the best resources for keyword research is the Google AdWords tool. Google AdWords does more than show you search volume, though. 1. Enter a keyword or keyword phrase you intend to use in the box provided and fill in the word verification code. 2. Click “Get keyword thoughts.”3. One column displays the before month’s approximate search volume, while another shows the mean monthly search volume. 4. This will give you thoughts for secondary keywording efforts, and may even show you better primary keywords and keyworded phrases that hadn’t occurred to you. 5. Consider more than just search volume when deciding on which keywords and keyword phrases to use. If the search is showing hundreds of thousands of results or more, you’ll do better to pick keywords and keyword phrases with less search volume but also less competition. 6. This satisfies the search engine indexing consideration known as latent semantic indexing (LSI). By Jon Mohrman, to learn more about Google Seo please visit www.guideverygood.com
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