Are you conducting your very own SEO keyword research? Are you completely sure that the steps you are subsequent in your research is effective or with all persons months of testing, your website is still in no better shape in the search results? I want to share with you how I do my own keyword research. You may or may not already be doing these steps but it is certainly worth your time to read this article.

Step number one for me is to have a complete understanding of what my website stands for or what it is all about. You might say that it is a very simple thing and that your site’s topic should be very obvious to you and to other people. But the truth of the matter is that it is not a simple thing to do. Not all website owners fully understands what the overall topic of their website is, especially if their site contains so many pages with varying themes or topics. Naturally it would be harder to say that your website is just about one topic. So why is this vital? It’s because keyword research and search engine optimization is more effective and simpler to do if you are effective with only a handful of keywords.

The next thing that I do is to use a keyword research tool, which in my case I usually make use of the free keyword tool from Google. You can use other tools, even the proprietary ones. It is all up to your preference and in my opinion, there is no single authority tool when it comes to keyword research. If you are just starting out and your budget is limited, using the free tools is more than decent enough to help you with your research. I often start my research by using broad terms and based from the results that the tool gives me, I would select the long tail keywords. That is because it is simpler to rank for these keywords as the broad terms are often too competitive to get into.

The single most vital data that I look at in the keyword research tool is the monthly search volume.  As far as I know, most internet marketers also do this. I pick out the keywords with a satisfactory amount of monthly searches. In my case, below ten thousand is usually excellent enough. Then I search for that keyword in the search engine and if there are just a few results, I keep that keyword aside for further evaluation and possible inclusion in my keyword list.

Now if I am doing my search engine optimizing for just one website, I make sure that there is only one theme or topic for it. I also apply that thought to my keyword research as it will be the main factor in my site’s optimization. With just one theme, your seo campaign will be laser-focused and it will be simpler for Google and the other search engines to rank your website by the book.

How many keywords can be considered enough? It depends on the number of web pages contained in your website. I often use just one or two keywords per page and that all of these keywords are related to just one topic or theme to maintain the consistency.

There are other essential steps that you must know when it comes to keyword research for seo, but the techniques stated above should be a excellent initiation for you. Do not over complicate your research process and find your own ways on how to simplify it. And keep your main keywords to a minimum so you will not get easily confused.


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