There are many different ways to drive traffic to your website. Looking at the whole of it, you can generate traffic for free or pay for it. Webmasters and online marketers keep discovering new methods to get targeted visitors, but there is one method that stands out and nothing comes close to it, and that is search engine optimization.

If you know what you’re doing, taking the initial steps toward optimizing your sites for search traffic can be the beginning of a business transformation. In the balance of this article we’ll go over a few SEO strategies and points that you can learn about, and then you can decide what you want to do about this area of marketing.

Be sure to take care you use the most advantageous anchor text for your linking. The anchor text is just the clickable text you see with any link. With backlinks, try to use appropriate anchor text such as your site’s primary keyword phrase. Let’s say your site is about “purple pajamas,” then the page optimized for that term gets a backlink using anchor text, purple pajamas. It’s doubtful that you won’t find too many people interested to buy a product called, Click Here, even though if you use that in any anchor text the search engines will think that is what your site is all about. Your site will suffer penalities from the search engines because there will be a discrepancy between your anchor text and your site topic. Here’s the rule: always use relevant anchor text for any links to your site.

Never overdo anything, so… on some of your pages you can put keywords in italics, and you can also ‘bold’ them. That is just something that will help you, everything contributes something, and it’s not used on a lot of websites, either. It seems search engines will add a little more SEO weight to these words. With SEO, doing more can often, and usually does, hurt you so don’t over-do this. Maybe two to three times, roughly, and that will be enough to add a few more points in your favor. With your H1 and H2 tags, be sure you use your primary/secondary keywords in them. Words that are wrapped in such tags are given more value by the search engines. So in the end each page on your site should be optimized for a particular primary keyword or phrase and also for a few secondary keywords that are topically related.

Finally, in order to rank you’ll need to have good backlinks to your websites. Backlinks represent social approval, or votes, in favor of your site, and that is extremely important to the search engines. The backlinks should be built naturally because search engines can easily label you as a spammer if they see that your site is getting thousands of backlinks overnight.

The most powerful and strongest backlinks come from sites that are similar to yours regarding theme, or topic, etc. Your backlinking campaign will be most efficient if you’re able to gain backlinks from sites that are closely related to yours as far as topic is concerned. All in all, if you’ve always wanted to get free traffic coming to your site and actually see it convert, then it’s high time you optimize your site for the search engines.

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