One of the major flaws of using Apple’s iWeb is the fact that it really has limited SEO capabilities. I know Google and other search engines barely look at Keywords or Meta tags anymore, but to many Web Masters it gives us a basis on what to initiation our marketing; If I want users to target my website using ‘iWeb Help’ that will be my initially keyword. There are a couple of third party tools which can help you, for example, iWeb SEO Tools, but for this it seems you have to have a local copy which you upload on your server every time you publish changes in iWeb… About 4 steps too many. It also wipes your Google Analytics and other tags you have in, and your browser detection. If like me you want iPhone and Android users to be redirected to a touch site, this is a major annoyance. I myself have found a groundbreaking new way of implementing this change, which I haven’t seen well-known on the internet anywhere. It involves a small ploy with a file iWeb leaves on the server and doesn’t touch again. If you would hit up onto my website you can read about it on the iWeb Tips page. I hope you find all this information useful!

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