Perhaps most IM marketers automatically think WordPress is meant only for the blogging world. Ok… WordPress can be used in the same way as a static marketing sites, so it’s not just for “blogs.” WordPress is what is called a Content Management System, CMS, and it has a lot of versatility to it. It is easily customized and, thanks to all of the different plug-ins that are being developed every day, you can quickly and simply get your site to look and behave the way you want. There are some plugins that are ideal for online marketers, and we wanted to review them for you.

All bloggers, plus any that are involved in marketing, really will benefit from the FD Feedburner plugin. This is a plug-in that translates your existing RSS feed into a Feedburner Feed. Lots of people like RSS because site content is delivered to their desktop, and there’s no reason to go to the site. What happens is all your RSS subscribers will receive an alert when your content/blog is updated with new content. So it’s really convenient because it eliminates the need to check a bunch of sites for fresh content each day. FD Feedburner plugin makes it very easy for people to consumer RSS feeds because Feedburner feeds can be read by almost any reader on the web. SEO Friendly Images is a plugin you’ll really want to have if your site requires heavy image use. You already know how important it is to make sure that the text of your website has been optimized for the search engines. Were you aware that you can optimize the images on your site? This plug-in attaches functional and proper Title and Alt tags to every image you use. It will auto detect any image that is lacking the proper tags, and it will set them according to your specs. It’s a terrific time save if you’re into heavy image use.

There’s a plugin, SMS Text Message, that send a text to subscribers whenever there’s a site update. Ok, first it uses an optin form that it places on your site. Your visitors will need to opt-in with their cell phone number so they can receive your site’s text messages. This is a fantastic approach to keeping in touch with subscribers, and they’ll always know when there’s an update. Of course not very many people are going to be open to giving out their phone numbers these days so don’t be surprised if it takes you a really long time to build up your list. Plugins add tremendous flexibility to an already versatile CMS platform which is what WordPress is. What’s really unbelievable, but true, is that it’s all completely free to use. Regardless of what you want to do with it, you’ll never need to spend anything on it. If you know how to do it you can play with the programming code, add plugins, or change themes, or whatever. It’s great for beginners because there’s no need for previous experience, or programming skills, or web design skills, etc.

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