There are a variety of ways to get targeted traffic to your sites but my preferred method (and the method that I highly urge) is the method where you don’t have a fee for every single visitor your site gets (such is the case with pay-per-click ads.)

What I mean by this is that I spend my precious time building links that point towards my content sites which contain high conversion landing pages. These landing pages usually promote an connect program of some type like <a href=”″>this weight loss connect program on Clickbank</a>.

By building these links I increase the search engine rankings for my landing pages which in turn leads to highly targeted web traffic that turns into sales at a very high rate.

My principle method of building links for higher rankings (for more targeted traffic which equals more ClickBank sales!) is through article marketing distribution services and among my favorite of these services is <a href=””>Article Ranks Article Marketing</a>.

With this benefit each of my articles (which can contain three links each) goes out to so many different blogs that I can build up a huge amount of links with each submission.

The huge key to getting the the best results out of a benefit like this is to make sure that your landing pages are by the book keyword targeted and that you are linking back to your landing pages with the right keywords.

You will probably have the most success vacant with “long tail” keywords instead of vacant for huge competition keywords. In other terms, instead of shooting for “diet” or “lose weight” you should go for terms like <a href=””>”online diet.”</a>

One fantastic feature of ArticleRanks is that you can embed a YouTube video in each submission. This allows you to get a lot of links to the YouTube video so that it can rank in the search engines itself and bring your landing pages more traffic (you should contain a link to your monkey making page in the description of the video.)

The link to the video does not count as one of your three links, so when you contain a YouTube video you are able to contain a total of four links in each article.

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