This SEnuke diagram linking is VERY powerful. As we can see from above video, there is one BIG feature that other SEO tools lack of : Multi Tier Linking. With SEnuke X, you can make Social Bookmark to your money site, and then make second Social Bookmark that linking to your initially Social Bookmarking site. This action will strengthen your money site authority compared with only one tier linking. With SEnuke X, you can also make a chain command, which means we can set a predefined action that will get run with specific task completed. For example, with making Social Bookmarking, we can set to clear cookies and change proxy, as well as run indexer to index the URLs. With other SEO tools, we would need to run CCleaner in each batch of run. This will slow down our SEO marketing as we need to supervise the program. I dredge up running one SEO tool to do forum posting, I would need to take guess how long the process will take, and wake up in the middle of night to check whether the process have completed. Upon completion, we then need to clear the cookies and cache, then initiation the next process again. Imagine the time saving that SEnuke X can offer with this automated chain command. Find more in-deepness SEnuke X Review at
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