There is a growing demand for backlinks, which has spawned all kinds of new services, software and theories. It’s not likely that Google ever foresaw the current mad scramble to gain backlinks that now exists online. Google, after all, just wants people to focus on building websites full of useful information. We certainly can’t argue with this approach. The problem is, they really think everyone will simply wait for backlinks to accumulate on their sites naturally. When you think about it, this is a little silly, as no one who has a site they’re trying to make money from will behave this way. The present scenario is proof enough of this. There are all kinds of tactics to get more backlinks. If your goal is to find backlinks from high page rank sites, the following tactics will be useful.

If you focus on getting your links from high PR sites in your own niche, and using relevant anchor text, you’ll be making the most of your efforts, and you can rise above sites with less relevant links. In other words, several high quality links have more value than tons of inferior ones. The choice is yours. Guest blogging for relevant, blogs and sites with high PR is great way to build quality links. You can find them easily by using Google’s blog search, and searching under your main keywords. Write to the owner of the site and offer to write guest blogs for them.

Not so long ago, everybody was talking about link wheels as the ultimate backlinking solution. As usual, Google caught on to this tactic quickly. Link wheels today are considerably less effective. Google is very sophisticated in the way it tracks your digital footprints when you build links. The original structure was known as a “closed” link wheel, and doing this now can cause you problems. In response to this, marketers have revised the strategy and are creating link wheels that aren’t closed. This is called an open link wheel, though you could argue that it’s not actually a wheel. You keep the basic technique aside from keeping the wheel open. Done in this manner, Google will have a hard time noticing anything suspicious.

One way to get high PR backlinks that isn’t very widely practiced is to join a blog network. Some blog networks are large and diverse, and they may have lots of different blogs on many topics. One disadvantage to this is that some of your links will probably be on topics that are not relevant to your site. The way it usually works is that you create articles that you then spin, and then publish them to the service. To make this more effective, you should also backlink your content after it is published by the network. You can’t stop with just one link. Use social bookmarking and other methods to increase the power of your links.

If you know what you are looking for and where to look it’s not hard to find High Page Rank backlinks. The best idea is to have the money to outsource your backlinking. There are two main reasons for outsourcing. First, backlinking is dreadfully boring and tedious work. Secondly, it is time-consuming, so if you can outsource then that will free-up a lot of time so you can concentrate on traffic generation.This information was brought to you by, your source for all things related on tile that looks like wood.

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