You have chosen the right location if you want to see an impartial review of Viral Submitter Pro. Like you, I got a bit browned off by the “overnight materials” brigade

Since 2002 when I initially invested in the internet marketing game, it has never stopped to astound me how small I have learned from these so called gurus. But in the last few weeks, having hit upon software like Viral Submitter Pro and the set alight is now being viewed.

So I will cut to the chase as you have probably got as much time as me to fool around wealth creation sites that cost alot and deliver small.

VSP comes from the Adeel Chowdhry, Bobby Walker and Jeff Schwerdt firm of dependable submission tools. Needless to say, these guys know what they are discussion about when it comes to traffic building products.

So what does it ultimately do to impress a PR professional (me) of 20 years standing? As a lecturer in PR myself I can sort the wheat from the chaff. I also have a reputation to uphold.

This software doesn’t just focus on one type of site e.g. video sites or article sites, it does the lot.

Just take a look at the “conversation prism” (left) It’s a pretty picture but not so pretty when you start to submit your site to all these crucial mediums and then keep your followers, friends, tweeters whoever. It’s well nigh impossible to keep persons juggling balls vacant at the same time.

Sites like Craig’s List need updating regularly. And then there’s the 30 or so major video sites, the article sites. As Michelle Peters says on the introductory video, she just doesn’t have time to cross post to all these sites, vital as this is to all of us.  These aren’t just peripheral sites to You Tube, they have their place, and in addition to this, thousands of people visit them every day.

Look before you click through, please be sure that I have used submission software back in 2002. I literally tore my hair out trying to make sense of Web Position Gold and and one called Site Supporter which just didn’t work. They went out of date quickly and I don’t even have the log ins any more!
Viral Submitter Pro saves you energy and pays for itself by helping you update your submission so that your site doesn’t go “cold.”

Consider how you got my preview in the initially place. Fluke? Were we meant to meet? Fate? Seance? No. It was because you did a search and I came up high on your list.… and the rest is history.

I will be updating this with a review of Viral Submitter Pro if you want to wait for that. But meanwhile I have no hesitation in promoting this software to you. A couple of clicks and it can be yours.

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