Every Internet marketer and webmaster knows the value of off-page search engine optimization, because that’s where the real gold lies. Even though having the right kind of content is important on your website, without proper off-page SEO, it’ll be impossible to have your site ranked in the search engines. Let’s take a closer look at some important SEO factors that you need to consider. Whether your site is about Commission Takers or any other subject, it is actually crucial which you focus on off pahe Search engine optimization factors to get it ranked.

Primarily, you should center your attention on obtaining a greater number of backlinks from websites which have a high page status. The reason for this is, search engines like Google lay great emphasis on the source of the backlink and give it weight according to that. So if you get a hold of a backlink from a site that is a PR 6 - it will evidently let the search engines know that your website is essential enough to get a backlink from a high page rank site. Even if the backlink you’re getting form is a site that has a little PR, it still has more significance than linking to a site that lacks PR.

Secondly, look into your site and see if the site map is complete and if it has keywords in the anchor text. Without a site map, it will be hard for the search engines to find all of your site’s pages, and this will make it hard to rank well. Your site map is a clearly laid out route for the search engines to find directions and to know more about your site. This should be one of your first tasks when it comes to optimizing your site. If you’re wondering how large your site should be for SEO purposes, this is something on which even SEO experts disagree. Some people will tell you that a larger site will tend to rank better, but on the other hand some webmasters manage to rank well with smaller sites as well. You may be able to rank well with a smaller site, so you could start out this way and see what happens. In some cases you may do fine with a small site, but if you find that you can’t rank highly this way, then you can always add more content and pages to it. The only way to know for sure what’s best for your site is to do regular testing.

Finally, when you link to pages, you always have to consider their topic. The more related in theme the sites you’re linking to are to your own, the better for SEO purposes. Links are considered more valuable by the search engines when they come from relevant sites.You simply can’t get as much benefit from links that are from sites with no relevance to your own. The best type of linking for SEO is to look for sites on topics similar to your own.

As you can see, off page search engine optimization requires you to focus on the littlest details to get the best results. Once you start applying the tips in this article, you’ll see a definite change in your rankings.

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